Leasing of Classrooms

The Azores Aeronautical Training Academy has its facility organized by training domains, featuring classrooms, educational equipment and learning stations for leasing.
The classrooms are multifunctional, dimensional and readily configurable to different training needs:
- Management Room: Ideal place to formal meetings;
- Cabaret: Ideal for works that involves collaboration and team work spirit;
- Audience: For professional presentations;
- Classroom: With a training comfortable environment;
- U shape: Encourages and allows an open discussion.
Available Equipment and Services:
- Video projection and plasma TV;
- High speed internet;
- Flipchart; whiteboards and marker pens;
- Pens;
- Water.

Learning Stations:
- A320/310 Cabin Simulator;
- Dash8 Q200/400 Hybrid Cabin Simulator;
- Emergency evacuation through slides/sleeves Simulator;
- Live fire Simulator.